Andy, did you hear about this one?
Andy, did you hear about this one?

In early November, 2011, my son Andrew was born prematurely. He is a 1lb 10 oz micropreemie, currently in the care of a level IV NICU. This is our journey.

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Today this little man is six months old, and not so little! He’s 14 and a half pounds today, which is miraculous considering just six months ago he weighed only a little over a pound and a half.

Today was also the day the Children’s Hospital that was in charge of Andrew’s care had their telethon. They raised over 50, 000 dollars today to help care for the children there. I’m so greatful for those who are constantly donating and allow the people there to do what they do best, and help the children of families that otherwise couldn’t afford the care.

Without these people, and without the wonderful team of doctors and nurses at our local medical center, I wouldn’t have this little sweet pea babbling in my ear and drooling on my shoulder right now.

Happy six months, little man.

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